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Shannon Pickard

Expertise:  Leadership, Academic Success, Prevention/Choices, Bullying, Educator Connections

Speaking Style:  High-energy. Interactive. Hilarious.

Travels From:  Houston, Texas

Nancy Says:  “Shannon’s programs are powerful and meaningful. He’s living and spreading the dream so others can understand how they, too, can excel.”


With 15 years on the stage and millions of people reached, Shannon Pickard has been called “America’s Most Requested Young Speaker,” speaking for more than 200 events each year. After starting his first company while just a sophomore in high school, Shannon quickly embraced a mission to impact young America in a big way.

Shannon is a writer, producer, and co-host of a weekly TV show called Teen Talk for Warner Bros, a series regular on TLC’s For Better or For Worse, and a regular performer at The World Famous Laugh Factory Comedy Club in Hollywood. He is also the acclaimed author of the top-selling book for teens, The Choice Is Yours; A Formula For Success, the college bound success book, A 4.0 with a 2.Effort, and the creator and author of IMPROV-ing The Power of Educators. 

Shannon Pickard has become by far one of the best and most sought after youth motivational speakers in the world. With over 10 years on the stage and millions of people reached, he continues to mesmerize audiences as a Leadership Speaker, Career Speaker, and Keynote Conference Speaker as well.

Having an unparalleled connection with students, Shannon also shows educators how to do the same in his amazing Pop-Culture Classroom Connection Staff and Educator In-Service Programs.

He inspires thousands of students, educators, and corporate leaders across the country with his powerful presentations, workshops, and comedy shows!

Shannon is a writer, producer, and co-host of a weekly TV show called Teen Talk, airing nationally on the W.B. Network and a series regular on TLC’s For Better Or For Worse. His other acting credits include rolls in Varsity Blues and Walker Texas Ranger. And he is a regular performer at The World Famous Laugh Factory Comedy Club in Hollywood, California.

He is also the acclaimed author of the top-selling book The Choice Is Yours: A Formula For Success, co-author of How To Achieve Unlimited Success, and the creator and author of IMPROV-ing – The Power of Educators.

  • Recently joined The New York Times #1 Best Selling Chicken Soup for the Soul empire as a spokesperson for Chicken Soup for the Christian Teenage Soul
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul / Jack Canfield certified Self-Esteem Expert
  • Started his first company when he was just a SOPHOMORE IN HIGH SCHOOL

Shannon’s ability to CONNECT with students of ALL ages, yet still deliver powerful, life-changing SUBSTANCE to his programs has made him “The Most Requested Young Speaker In America!” He has delivered well over 1,000 programs to students across the country. He performed over 300 shows last year alone.

His success programs, all based on his Top-Selling Book for students, The Choice Is Yours: A Formula For Success, are like nothing you’ve ever seen. This is not your typical speech from behind a podium.

In this energetic show, Shannon captivates young audiences with his trade mark inspirational improv training techniques by mixing high energy hilarious antics with heart-wrenching inspirational stories and exciting challenges to deliver a hyped-up, entertaining, and very up-lifting message that empowers students to dig deep and explode into their futures!


Custom Programs are one of Shannon’s strengths. He will work with you and your students and staff before the event getting to know the theme, the goal, and all the details of your event, so that Shannon can put together a spectacular presentation exactly fitting your specific needs!

Some of Shannon’s specialties include:


Shannon started his own company while just a sophomore in high school. He takes the experience and skills of running successful businesses, being an author of several books, and writing / producing a national television show and easily demonstrates how anyone can develop the necessary leadership skills to motivate, inspire, and bring out the best in others.

“You’re the CEO of your own corporation and the product is YOU!”


The Choice Is Yours: A Formula For Success is dedicated to helping people get from where they are to where they want to be! Students will learn:

  • Easy and fun techniques that will eliminate the competition for any job.
  • How to create an image that will get you noticed.
  • How to quickly become better in your field than anyone else.
  • How to present the BEST interview “they’ve” ever seen!


Confidence is the key to success in almost everything you do. Nearly every job in the world requires you to sell yourself or your idea to someone else or a group of people. And the #1 most feared thing in America is speaking in public. Shannon brings the experience of a seasoned actor and performer to your students and shows them how to lay down all their fears.

“You get good at anything you do everyday!”

…so practice getting good at being confident. Shannon comes armed with an insanely unique challenge, and a proven method to gaining more confidence than you’ve ever had!


Think teen driving safety has to be boring and something that your teens aren’t going to be in to?…THINK AGAIN!!! Shannon takes pumped-up, exciting, hilarious antics and his hit program about making smart choices and gears it toward Teen Driving Safety in an event that captivates his teen audiences and generates real desire to be safe behind the wheel and think about your choices BEFORE the choice is in your face. Shannon’s program hits all the requirements of the National Highway Traffic Safety Association covering things like seat belts, texting, alcohol, music, distractions, parties, intersections, and just the right amount of statistics.


CHANGE…Turn Your Entire Staff Into a Powerful Performing Team

Shannon leads your staff through the same creative thinking, fast on your feet, make the most of any situation, improv comedy drills of the best professional performers in the country. Learning the “Yes, And” attitude will have your staff embracing change like it was their idea.


CONNECT With Your Students Like Never Before

Shannon comes loaded with Comedy, Pop Culture, Stories, and Demonstrations that light a spark in today’s students, and he shows ALL teachers how easy it is to apply these and connect with students like never before! And by demonstrating powerful strategies and improvisational techniques, Shannon bridges the amazing responsibility of educators with the needs of today’s students and offers a fresh perspective on how to connect with and inspire students of all backgrounds.


Creative Risk-Taking in a Non-Judgmental Environment

By relaxing and engaging in fun and laughter together as a team, your staff becomes more confident in the actions of their administrators and co-workers promoting a better learning environment for all students.

  • Demonstrates cutting-edge strategies for better connecting with students
  • Generates positive attitudes that welcome change
  • Builds powerful education teams
  • Re-ignites the passion for shaping futures
  • Teaches new strategies for communicating with students and co-workers
  • Elevates your staff’s personal confidence levels


To inquire about SHANNON’s FEES and AVAILABILITY, please call us at: 231.421.1012